Voiceover Talent – Newcomers/Semi-Professionals welcome!

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simpleshow Germany is looking for voiceover artists interested in applying their talents to explainer videos (usually up to 3 minutes) developed by our creative team, as well as our customers, in our online simpleshow video maker. You will record/upload these voiceovers directly within the video maker interface and match it to existing video. We will pay you 30 Euros per minute.

We’re looking mostly for German, English (UK/US), French and Spanish (Latin-American) talent, and will prioritize these applications. However, we’re generally open to all languages.

Don’t be shy and send us a sample of your work! Newcomers, semi-professionals and students are all welcome, as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • A friendly, dynamic voice that is easy to listen to over a long period of time, with clear pronunciation and good intonation. We often explain complex topics, and your voiceover is an integral part of getting the point across!
  • A good English pronunciation, even if it is not your native language, as our texts often contain English words used in the business world.
  • A decent home recording set-up. Studio quality is not required, but we expect a clear recording without noises and reverb. A good microphone with “pop killer” (even if improvised) and a quiet, closed location in which to record are necessary. If you are unsure if you meet these requirements, please send us a sample!
  • The ability to provide recordings within 2 working days after receiving the assignment, and to quickly react if there is any feedback from our side.
  • Reliability when it comes to replying to requests on time, creating invoices, and communicating (changes to) your availability in advance.
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Voiceover Talent – Newcomers/Semi-Professionals welcome!
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